Sofia & Casey

S A N  M I G U E L  D E  A L L E N D E, M X

Sofia and Casey celebrated in a big way and did not pay attention to details.

The ceremony took place in the pergola of the Allende Institute, where a person very close to the family had the honor of marrying him. They celebrated with some refreshing signature cocktails, since they were named in honor of the couple “Sofiarita” and “Crazy Casey” were one of the most requested drinks, in addition, the delicious canapes that served to whet the appetite of the guests were a success .

The entrance to the reception had a wall with miniature envelopes, each envelope was personalized with the name of the guests and inside it, the table number that had been assigned to it.

The impressive thing was to see the face of each guest upon entering, from the ceilings hung pewter stars with light inside them, in addition to a chandelier with stars that fell from different heights towards the downtown area, below them we had a leafy decorated fountain with flowers and candles.

The guests enjoyed a delicious dinner in our ancestral kitchen, the guests could delight their sight and smell thanks to the long and beautiful flower arrangements and candles that were in the center of each table.

The party was very lively and lasted until late at night. The next day there was a traditional Mexican alley and at the end, they moved to a private hacienda on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, where they shared with their guests a charreada, Mexican food, mariachis and tacos.


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