Jaqueline & Antonio

S A N  M I G U E L  D E  A L L E N D E, M X

Antonio and Jacqueline were introduced by mutual friends, who arranged a blind date and on the first date realized their great affinity. They started a relationship soon after and

In San Miguel de Allende they found an elegant, romantic and above all cozy town.

The celebration started with a casual welcome on Thursday. For Friday the rehearsal dinner was offered at the EL QUINCE Restaurant.

The bride and her family stayed at CASA TORTUGA, a beautiful and elegant house located in the center of the city, and the groom stayed in the Presidential Suite of Sierra Nevada.

The first Look was organized at Casa Tortuga, where Jacqueline and Antonio were very excited.

The ceremony was held in the gardens of Casa del Parque de Belmond Sierra Nevada and the reception at Casa Limón Palama of the same hotel

At the end of the night, Jaqueline and Antonio had a very special moment, having a romantic dance on the hotel’s private terrace.

W E D D I N G:  B E L M O N D   S I E R R A   N E V A D A   C A S A   P A R Q U E
R E C E P T I O N :  B E L M O N D   S I E R R A   N E V A D A   C A S A   L I M Ó N   P A L M A