Janie & Oscar

S A N  M I G U E L  D E  A L L E N D E, M X

Under an incredible pergola on the main terrace of Casa San José, a flower arch over an old fountain and all the guests witnessing in front of it an emotional ceremony where the father of the bride was present in everyone’s heart and at all times and Taking it closer, with a photograph of Janie’s bouquet. The couple who swears eternal love, next to them, an image of their pet, who was next to them at all times. The surprise of the day was that traditional mariachi waited for them at the end of the ceremony.

The harmonious streets of San Miguel de Allende created a bohemian combination with Janie’s dress, the bride and groom showed themselves full of love and the most beautiful photographs were created, the same streets they walked the day before in a fun alley, where they they welcomed their guests.

The guests gathered at the party full of color and colorful details, where there was everything from maracas to a tequila tasting corner and an ice cream cart with traditional flavors from San Miguel de Allende.

Adding more details, a cute rack welcomed all the guests, warmly inviting them to find their place through a box with snapshots of each of the guests. To whet the appetites of the guests, delicious canapes were prepared and distributed, while they drank the richest cocktails and wine to the sound of the mariachi. The traditional and delicious comal quesadillas were immediate, everyone was happy to order each of the stews that were offered.

The emotional speeches of those closest did not wait, creating warmth in the atmosphere.

At the end of the reception, the couple had a romantic dance alone, on the main terrace, where a few hours before, they exchanged their vows.


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