Frida & Allan

S A N  M I G U E L  D E  A L L E N D E, M X

“Love is just a word until you find the right person”

One red thread con​n​ects people who ​are​ meant to be together, no matter time, place or circu​m​stances. The read thre​a​d could be tighten​ed​ or loosen, but never could be broken. Frida and Allan are con​n​ected and that will be forever.

Classic and elegant, two words that describes this beautiful couple of best friends who decided to unite​ ​their lives in marriage surrounded by the love and support of their beloved ones. This important event deserved a great party for days.

To start this magical weekend, Frida and Allan dated their guests for a callejoneada with personalized mojigangas, mariachis and the burrito. From Cuna de Allende Street to the Parque Juárez the guests enjoyed the architecture of San Miguel de Allende accompanied by the music, dancing and singing.

After the callejoneada, everyone was thi​r​sty and heated​ ​, but Frida and Allan had planned the coolest pre wedding pool party at Casa Chorro with delicious food and cold drinks. Casa Chorro was chose​n​ as the party house for the whole weekend.

The guests were welcome with co​l​d beers and tequila shots. The weather w​as​ perfect for having a drink in the pool or just enjoy the sun and perfect music chose specially by Allan. Then, the guests had a delicious Mexican “Taquiza” with guacamole.

For the big day, the atmosphere of Casa Chorro was full of joy and happiness, especially in the garden where the reception took place. The wooden tables and chairs combined perfectly with ​th​e greenery of the place. Colorful flowers, Mexican table runners and tableware.

Frida started her makeup and hair early that morning and the result was beyond that perfect. The hair, make up and dress ​was​ a perfect match. Allan was getting ready very anxious for their first look. All the nervousness disappeared and turned into joy when he saw his future wife more beautiful than ever.

After a few pictures with their family in the house, the couple went to prepare for the ceremony​, ​which took place in one of the alleys of the garden, a beautiful place, very intimate.  Frida and Allan were standing in front of a traditional wooden door surround by pink and with flowers and the Sofre (an altar use in persian ceremoni​e​s). They sealed their love in front of friends and family.

Frida and Allan invited their guests to the pool área for a cocktail and then went back to the garden for the reception. During the dinner they were delighted​ by Mexican contemporary dishes and some speeches of their closest friends.

The DJ was in charge of getting everybody on the dance floor, mixing rhythms from all over the world, especially the Arabic music tradition in Allan’s family. Everybody had a great time till early morning, ending this awesome night in the downtown of San Miguel de Allende.


W E D D I N G   A N D   R E C E P T I O N : C A S A   C H O R R O