Chelsea & Jacob

S A N  M I G U E L  D E  A L L E N D E, M X

“Loving you has been my favorite adventure so far”

Adventurous and bold, two words that define perfectly Chelsea and Jacob, two soul mates who started their wedding weekend with an expedition to the “Cerro de la Bufa” for practicing Slackline with their closest friends.

After a morning full of adrenaline and dust, nothing better than a Mexican party to officially start the party for Chelsea and Jacob. The reception for the welcome party started at 5:00 pm at the famous house and gallery “Casa de La Cuesta” in the downtown of San Miguel de Allende.

One of the most remarkable things about Mexico is their gastronomy. The guests have the chance to taste different “guisados” as well as our iconic “Trompo al Pastor” accompanied with handmade tortillas during the “Taco Fiesta”. Then, they enjoyed Mexican pastry like “orejitas” and “conchas” with a delicious coffee.

For the amazing weather of June, guests had a refreshing Margarita and cold beers, but there weren’t only cocktails, we have an unforgetable experience with a cigar roller, who delight the guests with his skills making Cuban cigars.

For closing an amazing day, we couldn’t miss the lovely speeches for Chelsea and Jacob, especially the one by Jacob’s dad that between funny stories and wisdom made the guests feel emotional to tears.

The wedding day, Chelsea started early with her make up and hair accompanied by another 10 guests. Chelsea’s essence was capture completely, so subtle that everyone could see her natural beauty. On the other hand, Jacob was getting ready to meet the love of this life.

As someone who has find a treasure, Jacob saw Chelsea for the first time in her wedding dress. In every picture of the photo session there was complicity and love in their eyes. Also family and Friends participated of this magical moment.

For the ceremony and reception, the couple chose Terraza Trinitate which is just beside the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. The ceremony was a perfect moment, Chelsea and Jacob were standing in a frame of White flowers just outside of the ex chapel, at the sunset surrounded by their beloved ones.

Chelsea and Jacob shared with their guests a traditional callejoneada with marichi, mojigangas and a burrito. They walked through the beautiful streets of San Miguel, dancing and singing, spreading their happiness with all the people.

Back to the Terraza, Jacob with his Friends delighted the guest doing great stunts and starting the party. After a delicious dinner, everybody started to dance and have some drinks. Chelsea and Jacob danced all night, sharing their passion and good vibes. “Dancing with the moonlight” was their last song and the end of a magical weekend in San Miguel.


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